5 Tips For Saving Time

Who wouldn’t like five tips for saving time? You would, right? Anything that can save time whilst performing your daily routine is just heaven-sent.

If you find that most of your schedule isn’t convenient, your to-do list isn’t completed, and that you’re running around in circles, stop and take a moment to read further. Here are some tips that you can follow to save time (and your hair).

Jump right into those hard tasks first.

Don’t be discouraged by tedious tasks, it’s very important that you attack those first. Constantly putting things off like this only makes you have to work harder and longer on it with a deadline over your neck. It isn’t healthy, and I won’t advise it.

Schedule personal time. 

Who is more important than you? I can’t think of anyone else, really. How do you feel when you do something for yourself after a stressful week? Relaxed and happy, right? You feel as if you can face the world again. For all of us, it’s different. You might love the ocean so running on the beach clears your mind. Some of you may enjoy cocktails, a night out dancing, or just sitting reading a book. You are important, and you need to schedule a time when you put yourself first, whether it’s for a cup of tea or a glass of wine.


Say “no!”

Are you a “Yes Madam or Yes Sir” type? Have you ever noticed that on days you agree to everyone it means that you’re saying “no” to yourself? It also means that you will have loads of things to do afterwards and no one to help you. Saying “no” isn’t rude, but it’s sometimes necessary.

Go off the grid.

Going off the grid is exactly what it sounds like. If you have a big project to hand in and your phone or email keeps blazing up, then how are you going to focus? You can create your own off-the-grid location; it doesn’t have to be a lonely cabin in the woods. Just turn off your phone, disconnect the WIFI, and breathe in the silence and calm. You’ll finish your project on time and may even have some free time to spare. It’s nice to get rid of the noise.


Clear your space.

Every once in a while, clear your space and your energy. If lighting incense is your thing or meditating, then do it. You don’t always see the amount of negative baggage you’re harboring, but you feel it. This is critical if you want to deliver your best product. Negative thoughts act like a vacuum and suck all the good creative energy away from you. Do what you need to and clear your mind.


Get your very own Holdilocks.  

Out of generosity, here’s another quick tip. The best thing about these tips is that you can use Holdilocks for each of them. So when you’re gearing up to save more time and focus, just take out your Holdilocks, roll your hair and get straight to it. More time equals less stress and hassle. Now you can maintain that positive outlook and achieve your life’s goals. 

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