Better For Everyone

A product that is good for everyone is a product that provides value, is accessible and will have continued use. However, a definition like that is quite generalized. In fact, there are other factors a consumer can look at when purchasing items for use. The average consumer is much more aware and cannot be fooled by cheap marketing tricks.

No one product can satisfy every single human being on Earth, but companies should try to create products that are best suited to their intended audience without sacrificing the environment and the quality. With that being said, some products are likely to have an increase in price because of alternative manufacturing methods. 

Disposable and cheap products (that are nearly disposable) aren't the best things for our environment. Simply creating a product that will last a lifetime is one way to ease the carbon footprint.

Reusable and durable materials are new hallmarks of integrity. Instead of creating a product that will deteriorate quickly, which will require customers to discard and repurchase newer versions, they should create products that are versatile and long-lasting. 

Holdilocks was never meant to be something that is thrown away after one use. Sure, traditional hair ties and clips are cheap, but they break easily and lose their stretch. Holdilocks was designed to last and to use repeatedly. This makes it a product with both our customers and our environment in mind. 

Even though it is a simple tool, Holdilocks replaced the countless amount of hair ties and clips that were misplaced, broken and worn out. Investing just a bit more will save you money over time. Imagine the amount of money spent on replacing cheaper alternatives. Now with Holdilocks, you get a tool that can secure and style your hair, and not be easily worn out. 

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