Do The Twist

Morning routines are boring and too long for our enjoyment. When you have to get off to work, you don't always have the luxury of time on your side. Wouldn't it be nice to save a few minutes here and there to help ease the rush of getting to work? You don't know when you might end up spending more time during your commute or if anything unexpected happens, so it's best to stay prepared. 

The idea behind Holdilocks is to have a tool that can secure your hair effectively and quickly. It is incredibly hard to find something to do that, especially if your hair is on the longer side. Unlike many other styling tools, Holdilocks doesn't damage your hair, making it the perfect styling aid.

Its best feature is its ease. All you need to do is twist your hair around the middle of the Holdilocks, pull the ends together, and then use the twist tie to secure it. That's it! It even comes with additional functionality because it has a small slit in the middle bar. You can easily slip into any small item in there, like your keys, so you will always have it with you. 

It's another great feature is its versatility. Not only is it a product that can be used for both men and women, long and short hair, but it can keep your hair out of the way stylishly, and curl your hair. 

This is another huge time saver. If you want to style your hair in a chic bun for work, then it takes just minutes. While it's up in a bun, your hair is being curled with no heat and no need for additional chemical products. You can complete your morning routine unbothered, and when you're ready to get to work, you can let your hair down to reveal beautiful waves. 

If your work requires you to have your hair up, then Holdilocks can stay in your hair all day without being uncomfortable. There's no pulling and tugging because it suspends itself. Don't worry because, after work, you can let your hair down (literally) and have a fun evening with perfect waves. 

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