We all need to be flexible, don't we? Our lives are complex and we often find ourselves having to maneuver around different situations. However, shouldn't the things we use be just as flexible? I mean this in every sense of the word. When Holdilocks was developed, it wasn't supposed to be a hair tool that looked like anything that you can find. Holdilocks was a new design and a new way to style your hair.

Being busy means that you can't always dedicate the time you want into taking care of your appearance. Sure, you try the do the most with the time you have, but there are days when you need to shave minutes off your normal routine. Also, you may want an alternative to pulling at your roots. 

Holdilocks isn't shaped like a typical hair tool. In fact, it looks kind of odd. What is even more striking about this is the material it was made from. TPU 90 (thermoplastic polyurethane-90) is a strong material commonly used in 3D printing. It's mostly revered for its durability and flexibility. Seriously, this is an incredible pliable material. It's a rubber-like plastic material that doesn't tug at your hair or break. 

As seen in the video, it is quite easy to twist and pull the material without breaking the tool or bending it out of shape. A normal hair tie can easily be stretched out of shape, especially soft ones and hair clips are usually made of hard plastics that snap easily. The ones that are made of metal are more durable but can hurt more than anything else.

What makes this material perfect for your hair is the fact that any tension put on the tool won't affect its integrity. TPU 90 is widely known for its elastic properties, so you can put your mind at ease and stop tearing out your hair looking for a better hair styling tool. With Holdilocks, you've already got one. 


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