For Men

Beards are all the rage right now. It's trendy for men to grow out their facial hair and ditch the clean-shaven look. Beards, especially, longer ones are a popular sight for men across all ages. As you can imagine, taking care of it must be difficult. 

Very few products can be used for both men and women in terms of styling, so how can a product for hair apply to both men and women? Well, if you have long hair, whether it's on your head or your face, chances are that you sometimes want it secured so it won't bother you while you go about your day. 

Thankfully, things like Holdilocks exist. While the larger Holdilocks works for longer or thicker hair, the smaller one is perfect for shorter hair like that of a beard. Braiding can take too long and not everyone wants to braid their beard. It's practical and protective of your hair. 

A normal hair tie will put stress and tension on the strands of hair that make up your beard and you will eventually weaken them. If you pull a hair tie too tightly, it can cause hair loss. But if you want to save yourself the pain of losing your hair and having to grow it back, then it is definitely worth a try. Creating a simple bun is not only stylish but simple enough that anyone can do it. 

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