Free Shipping

Accessibility means different things to different people. When you have a product, this means that your intended customers should be able to get their hands on your offerings. 

Online shopping is one way to accommodate all your customers. Anyone from any corner of the Earth can support your business. With a technology-driven world, it only makes sense to connect to your customers that way, which is why products like Holdilocks can be shipped for free in the United States. 

While free shipping is not a charge that some businesses can afford, it is a way to show appreciation to customers. If someone takes the time to purchase a product after examining a website and the have to wait for it, then why not give them a break with the cost? 

Creating something new isn't easy, so starting a business that focuses on inventions is a challenge. Holdilocks is a way to support innovation, even if it is in a small way. Anyone who purchases an item will get 1 large Holdilocks, 1 small Holdilocks, and 2 twist ties. And to makes things better, Holdilocks is a multifunctional tool. 
When you have loyal customers who are willing to step outside of the norm and purchase products that aren't cookie-cutter, then that is worth incentivising. Holdilocks was made to as a relief to hair problems, so instead of giving customers headaches, give them something to smile about, apart from you great products. 

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