Full of Secrets

Every busy person will undoubtedly know and revere the items that can serve more than one purpose. For us, it means that the item has an added value by doing more. It gives us more freedom to focus on more important things. We have high regard for our phones because they do so much for us, but we don't always appreciate these aspects of our non-digital daily tools. 

Holdilocks is not just a hair styling tool; it's a secret compartment. It might sound silly, but it's a great way to secure small items when you don't have pockets or don't want to carry a bag. Women know the pain of not having clothes with the right size of pockets (if any) and it's not always best to walk around with a bag to hold one small item. 

The slit in the middle of your Holdilocks is important for this feature. Thankfully, Holdilocks comes in two sizes, a small one for short to medium hair and a larger one for longer hair. You can wrap any small item, like a key, in a piece of gauze or a soft cloth and slide it in the middle of the opening. The gauze will keep it separate from your hair and keep it firmly in place. After, you take your hair and wrap it around the middle of your Holdilocks as you would normally. 

Now, take the round ends of your Holdilocks and pull them together. Take a twist tie that comes with your Holdiocks and slide it through the openings at the rounded ends to secure the tool. Bend it as tight as you want it to be. You can lightly pull your tresses to distribute it to create a sleek bun or a messy one. If you want to accessorize, then you can add a flower or a hair jewel to add a nice finishing touch. 

Knowing this little hack has its benefits, especially if you love to go for the occasional run. Not everyone carries around a bag or has pockets on their exercise gear, so having a secure hairstyle that keeps your hair from distracting you and keeps your keys safe is convenient. 

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