Get Inspired

Inspiration comes from many places. When you watch a movie, read or book or scroll online, you are being subjected to many different ideas. It's amazing how someone can observe the world and reinterpret the things they see in their own way. Invention is an activity that requires that level of creativity. 

Looking at everyday items differently can be a way for you to awaken your creative spirit. This is exactly how Holdilocks came to be. It is hard to maintain long hair and traditional hair ties and tools simply couldn't cut it. when you are a busybody, you are constantly active, but you can't seem to find something that is comfortable, easy and secure enough to stay in your hair throughout the day. 

The ideas came when I was looking at a pair of juice bottles. It was that simple; it was a moment of discovery. The plastic handle that held the two bottles together was a unique shape, something that I had never seen for hair tools, which is why it intrigued me. From that moment, I decided to make my own prototype with a 3D printer. 

A unique shape, a durable material and a special vision formed the basis of Holdilocks. It is proof that anyone can have a successful idea that is inspired by the things we take for granted. Who knew that inspiration can come from a piece of plastic? 

Having a mindset that allows you to see the extraordinary in the extremely ordinary doesn't come overnight. It takes some time to develop the response to turn something old into something new and different. That doesn't mean that it is a behavior that cannot develop, but you have to have a sense of gratitude towards the mundane things in life. You can't appreciate value if you don't recognize it.

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