Getting More Done

Is there ever a day that comes to completion when you’re thinking I wish I had more time. If only wishes were rainbows, right? We may not all be able to successfully get more time, but I think we can definitely structure ourselves to get more accomplished. Recently, I found myself running around like a headless chicken: I don’t like it. That feeling of not getting what you know you deserve or reaching somewhere only to have the door shut in your face. It’s not something I wanted to keep happening, so I did an analysis of myself.

A day has 1440 minutes, no more and no less, so why do we feel so caught up? I started tracking my time and then I realized that there were these gaps in a day when I couldn’t account for a solid two to three hours. Where was my time slipping away?

I figured it out: my phone, my laptop, and just chatting with people. These things take up precious time, and we feel that we’re doing ourselves a good but really is it worth it? Every time you stop what you’re doing to attend to your phone, make a call or send an email, it takes an additional twenty to thirty minutes to get refocused and aligned with what you were doing.

Now we’re all intellectuals, and we should be smart about what we do. Let’s say you have to go to work and you don’t have time to style your hair. That’s why Holdilocks was made! You can wrap pieces of your hair onto several pieces of Holdilocks and go to bed. In the morning you’ll wake up with bouncy, curly hair and spare time.

How many times have you locked yourself outside and forgot to put your spare key under the flower pot? Holdilocks was designed to keep small items safe. You can wrap your key into a small piece of fabric and style and lock it into the center of your hair. I guarantee you won’t be standing out in the rain anymore.

These simple things help us save time because it eases the stress of our minds to be filled up thinking of ways to cope with life’s hassles. You can enjoy your morning or evening activities without being worried about losing your house or car keys and you can start enjoying life the Holdilocks way. Innovative, smart, sturdy and convenient. It was designed with the active person in mind.

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