Heart & Soul

Mass-produced products are great for large companies and their many consumers, but for those who want something that is a little more unique, indie companies and smaller brands can give unique offerings. Large companies cater to the masses, which is fantastic, but smaller brands can meet the demands of niche audiences. 

Almost no niche is too small to be satisfied. When smaller companies launch products or services, it is usually because they have a personal connection to them. The thought and heart that goes into creating something shows.

That doesn't mean that you should support smaller companies simply because they are small. Make sure that the businesses you support cater to your needs and uphold the same values that you have.


Holidlocks is a unique product that is different from every other cookie-cutter hair clip/tie that you find on the market. The design and materials aren't commonly used for hair styling tools; it's a brand new invention. Many large businesses just mass-produce what is already in existence. 

Smaller companies have the room to breathe and find innovative ways to solve problems. Holdilocks was made because there was a need to secure long hair all day without damaging it. A few prototypes were made with a 3D printer and tested. From that, the product took off. 

In short, independent businesses and smaller companies fuel creativity and inventiveness in a corporate space. There are no executives to dictate what is right, instead entrepreneur have to freedom to take risks and build a community. 

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