Helmet Hair

Now I know most of you know how serious a case of bed head could be but have you ever experienced helmet hair? For all my cyclists out there, I totally encourage safety as a number one priority and emphasize that you don’t leave home without your helmet. However, do you sometimes feel like not wearing it because of what it does to your hair?

Three out of five days I usually have bad hair days where I roll it all up and try to forget it even existed, but with an active exercise routine and work the next day where would you get time to fix your hair up? Have you ever realized that no matter how careful you are, after you put on your helmet the person who emerges when it comes off isn’t you? Your hair looks nothing like what you know it should be.

First, the heat and sweat from your helmet tends to frizz out whatever is under there and then you have to deal with kinks and flat hair that doesn’t lie on the side you want it to. If that isn’t enough, by the time you make a few blocks and you’re really enjoying the wind in your face and the burn in your calves, you go home to realize that a comb or brush isn’t strong enough to deal with the tangles and knots you’ve gotten.

Now I’m sure you’ve tried tying it up tighter, just to make sure nothing gets loose. Using rubber bands but they just cut and damage your hair more. Some hair ties literally pull your hair out when you’re trying to get them out and it just hurts your head more. Not to mention the hair breakage that happens with other tools that just aren’t created with the sensitivity of your hair in mind.

Holdilocks doesn’t pull, tug or stifle your hair. Its unique design means you can achieve tightness and security with just the squeezing of both sides. Your hair can be relaxed under your helmet and even styled using Holdilocks. It’s efficient and effective, keeping your hair safe from breakages and bouncy and fresh after a ride around the block.

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