How To Use Holdilocks

The main idea behind Holdilocks is to have a device that can secure your hair. When you have longer hair, it is especially hard to maintain. Holdilocks doesn't damage your hair, so it really is the perfect styling aid. You can do so much with Holdilocks. No other device can create a bun, curl, secure a small item, or even hold a towel! Holdilocks can really do it all!

Holdilocks has a small slit in the middle bar. It was made so you can slip any small item in there. For me, I've had a few situations where I've locked myself out of the house and it is just handy to have a spare key with you at all times. Plus, if you're going for a quick run or a bike ride and you don't want to carry a bag or you don't have pockets, then this is perfect!


How To Use Holdilocks


  1. If you want to secure a key or another small item, I prefer to wrap it in gauze first so that it doesn't interfere with the rest of your hair.
  2. Then, just slip it in the slit of your Holdilocks.

Creating A Bun

  1. Take your Holdilocks and wrap your hair around the middle of it. If you have a lot of layers, you can twist your hair to keep the shorter hairs with the rest longer lengths.
  2. With that in place, you can just roll your hair onto the middle of the Holdilocks. If you have a small item in the slit, make sure your hair covers it to conceal it.
  3. When your hair is rolled to the place you want, bend the Holdilocks so that both ends meet. You can roll your hair up to create a bun, or just a ball at the end of the ponytail if you plan to wear a helmet or a hat.
  4. Take the twist-tie that comes with your Holdilocks and insert it through the holes at the ends. 
  5. Cross the ends of the tie so that they overlap and loop the excess around loose hair to conceal it. You can gently pull the hair around to get the desired fluffiness you want.
  6. You're done!


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