I Hate Mondays

Have you ever caught yourself saying “I hate Mondays!” A lot of you probably are, but when did you start hating Mondays? What has this day ever done to you that makes you so aggressive towards its existence? Or could it be that the environment you find yourself in collectively hates Monday mornings? You may not be aware, but you can be subconsciously be programmed to dislike or like something just by hearing a statement consistently.

Now just imagine the ramifications of hearing something negative like that every day at your workplace, or home for a couple of years: it’s bound to grow some roots of distaste within yourself. Here’s where you exhibit qualities in alignment with what the people around you act and behave like.

Mondays don’t have to be bad though. Just because it’s the first day after the weekend doesn’t mean it’s a horrible day. Without Mondays, you can’t get to Friday or Thursday. There are also people who work or study on weekends and there’s no break in between. They may look forward to Mondays because it might mean getting to sleep late.

If you want to enjoy your Monday mornings, you need to change your perspective. Stop thinking about it as a weary, dreary, jump-back-on-the-wagon type of day. Instead, you take charge of the wheel and you influence people with a bright, loving smile. Spread the joy by counting your blessings and bringing about awareness to others for them to do the same.

Holdilocks makes mornings fun and convenient. Gear up for a stroll, run or cycling to get your heart pumping. Find an activity that you love to do and your Holdilocks will be right there to support you. Make the time to do a fun activity before you go to work, that’s how you reward yourself. You’ll find yourself, reflecting on it during the day and it’ll keep your spirits high.

There are so many people who aren’t able to get out of bed in the morning by themselves and yet you can. Here’s your number one reason to appreciate your Monday morning bliss.

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