In The Right Direction

Is your hair giving you a headache? Many people experience scalp pain when trying to untangle a mangled mess of hair. Caring for your hair isn't a walk in the park for everyone. Everybody has a different level of tolerance for styling and it can take its toll on your scalp.

Your scalp can hurt for several reasons. The most common reason is your hairstyle. We all want to have well-groomed hair, but if you keep tugging at your strands, you can do more damage. You won't be comfortable. Avoiding tight hairstyles is a good option. Ponytails, updos, and intricate braids are the worst perpetrators. It's unfortunate because they are the most common styles when you don't want to leave your hair down. 

What most don't know is how harmful tight hairstyles can be. Not only do they cause irritation of the scalp, but they can also contribute to hair loss. Pulling at your tresses too much can cause traction alopecia. 

Your scalp is a delicate piece of skin that has many blood vessels and nerve endings, so when you pull your hair, especially in the opposite direction to its growth, it hurts. This pain can exist for a long period if you consistently style your hair in complicated ways. The pain is exacerbated by improper cleaning where residual hair products build up on the scalp with natural oils, which creates folliculitis (inflammation of the follicles).

Holdilocks was made to be an easy styling tool, but it is more than that. It's one way you can style your hair and not pull at your scalp. Traditional hair ties and clips apply pressure on the scalp by tugging at the hair. Holdilocks is secured with a twist tie to itself, so after wrapping your hair around the middle of it, your hair does not feel any tension. Your scalp doesn't experience any tugging and you now have a headache-free hairstyle. 

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