Longevity is the promise of something more. Your search for it every single day and you try your best to achieve that form of permanency that has your heart, mind and soul settled. Some people say things weren’t made to last, I say you can build something that would last for generations.

True longevity can only occur with a work-life balance. It’s easy to mix them both, but when it comes to your career and working hard, no one says “Hey don’t be dedicated.” All I’m saying is have a life outside of work too. Too much of anything can breed toxicity, no matter how “good” it is. Balance is key to all.

When you work extra hard to reach up to the social ladders of success and you think “Hey, I’m finally at the top!” how long do you expect this status to last? As long as you work for building someone else’s dream you can be replaced just like that. The only time you determine the longevity of your career is if you’re the one calling the shots and making the “big boy” decisions. The work you put into your own dream is never lost because you’re always gaining experience and wisdom.

It’s the same concept with proper diet and exercise. Crash diets or water fasts are just temporary fixes. If you lead a lifestyle that follows the right eating and the right amount of activity, your body will reap the rewards of those healthy practices. It’s not how much you work out in one day but the continuity of recurring steps that little 5-15mins in the morning or evening will go a long way to keeping you fit and rejuvenated.

Holdilocks is a hair tool designed with their longevity in mind. Thanks to its practical design and flexibility the inventor ensured that it would be made to last a lifetime. You know how easily hair ties and clips get fragile, they stretch out or get brittle, plus our hair is always growing and it’s never the same weight. Holdilocks strong design facilitates people like us, with likewise strong and testy hair. Give it try today and see for yourself. Holdilocks was genuinely made to last. 

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