Morning Madness


To all my sisters out there, was there ever a time when you got so mad trying to look presentable that you felt like chopping your hair off? Or maybe it’s that big day and you have a presentation to do and your unruly hair decides it wants all of your attention. I know that feeling all too well and I know that some of you out there can agree with me. It’s no fun when you shower and wash your hair, but then you have to also get ready for work or attend a meeting.

I have that checklist going in my head: What’s the weather like? Is it windy? Are we going to get rain? Do I need to cover my hair? My hair tends to frizz and get fuzzy and it’s not the best first impression you want to leave someone with.

Then there are the specialists who love to give advice like, “Did you comb your hair this morning?” or “Why don’t you use conditioner?” Some are brave enough to so say that I don’t really care about my hair. Trust me, I’ve heard it all, but when it comes to a busy schedule and taking care of yourself, we don’t all have that luxury.



I have tried flat ironing, relaxing and moisturizing, but some of these techniques just leave my hair feeling heavy and oily. I also believe in natural and organic ways to treat our daily issues and I do believe I’ve discovered something that I can heartily recommend.

My number one go-to is my Holdilocks. It’s convenient, reliable and sturdy. It even styles my hair without the chemicals and gives me more natural bouncy curls. One may think that this is just another woolie or hair tie, but no, it isn’t. The design is smart in that you place your hair on the end of it and then roll it all in, squeeze both ends together and voila! Your hair has been perfectly set. The tightness or how smooth you want it all depends on your taste, but that shouldn’t limit your creativity.

You can get a few hairstyles from this one smart tool, without ever having to burst a woolie or reinforce a few hair ties. You can even achieve that sleek, professional look with a high bun and not suffer from the tangles and knots when you get home. This little gadget works well for extremely active individuals or even sports lovers. I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a nice run on an early morning? The only thing that would pair better though would be something like this that keeps your hair out of your face, off your back.

Now that’s convenience and efficiency all in one smart bundle. This was made for anyone who has been struggling with hair difficulties all their lives. Give it a shot and set yourself free from and late mornings. 

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