No Heat, No Hurt

No one wants boring hair, but common methods used to style your hair can destroy the texture of your hair. It is not unknown that too much heat is bad for your hair, but heat tools are just too convenient to give up when you are busy. 

It is easy to fall into that trap. Shortcuts are convenient, but in the long-run, it's not the best option. This applies to practically every aspect of life. The first sign of heat-damaged hair is frayed ends and oddly bent texture. For straight hair, this looks like fine crimps along the shaft of your hair. If you have curly hair, it could look like misshaped curls that are uneven or looser than what you normally have. 

Unfortunately, damaged hair can't be salvaged. You can improve the appearance slightly with creams and gels, but it won't revive your hair. There is no fix for that. This means you have to cut off the frayed hairs. This is especially difficult when you are trying to grow your hair. 

The good thing about Holdilocks is that you can use it to secure your hair to keep it out of your way and also curl your hair. There are many no-heat styling techniques to curl your hair, but most of them involve elaborate sectioning, twisting and rolling your hair. With Holdilocks, you can roll all of your hair onto the Holdilocks, secure the ends with a twist, and you're done! 

If you roll your hair onto Holdilocks while it's damp, then allow it to dry, you'll have uniform waves in your hair. This can easily be achieved with no hassle. If you want your waves to last longer, then use a lightweight mousse or hairspray to set your hair. Holdilocks won't damage your hair and you don't have to pull or tug at your scalp. 

It's a very practical way to style your hair. You can wear it up all day to work and then let your hair down for any after-work events. It's an easy way to transform your overall look with no effort. 

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