Removing Distractions

Starve your distractions and feed your focus.

Distractions can be anything that draws your attention away from what you were supposed to do. Whether it’s in the form of a phone call, a message, a TV show or an errand. Once you become sidetracked by the next shiny thing, you’re like Hansel or Gretel following a breadcrumb trail away from your purpose.

It’s important to identify when something has become a distraction. You may think everything you’re doing is wholly and solely in your best interest, but how can you really tell?

Disconnect from everything long enough to see if it feeds your soul, or if it’s a distraction. What’s deeply connected will always remain.

Being human, you’re able to reconnect to the source that created you. NO, I’m not speaking about your mom, but something greater and deeper than that. Distractions help facilitate the plans of our enemy to get us off our path, to balance the odds here are some tips to avoid distractions during your day.

Plan Your Day

You are more energetic and focused in the morning compared to the evening, use that to your advantage and get things done.

Keep Things Simple

You can achieve this by doing one thing at a time. It makes little sense trying to multitask and ending up with more on your plate than you bargained for.

Block Out Distractions

It may sound difficult, but have faith in yourself. All you need to do is set your mind to accomplishing what you need, and it’s all yours.

Tell Others You Need to Focus

You may think people are aware you need your time, but then they go on talking and talking. If you’ve tried the humble signs and tells to let them know you need to leave, and they haven’t let up then you need to be clear. That might be the only way they take a hint and leave you alone.

Take Breaks as Needed

A breath of fresh air, a scenic view to make you feel relaxed, maybe even a walk in the park. It’s necessary to free up some brain space and leave you renewed to focus on your tasks again.

Track Your Time

What better way to really tell what’s going on in your life and where the time is disappearing to. Jot down the things you do as you do it and make a note of the time assigned. You can plot your charts afterwards to see where your time goes.

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