Saving Space

Does your vanity or dresser look like a mess? That's what happens when you have too many items sprawled out because you think you need them. We tend to accumulate objects and tools over time because we think we need them. Instead, of looking for tools that help us to do more than one thing, we fall into the trap of devoting our time and space to things we don't need.

How do you know if you truly need something? Just ask yourself if the item helps you or hurts you. If it doesn't help you to save time, energy, or just be efficient in any way, then it's there to take up space. That doesn't mean that you can't have sentimental items, but don't keep them in a place that obstructs you.

The curling iron, numerous hair clips, ties, bobby pins and headbands you have laying about can really add up. It can seem that when we don't need them they show up all over the place, but when we do need them, they are hard to find. Holdilocks, on the other hand, is a handy small tool that can do more than one thing.

Not only is it more durable and small, but is can actually replace a few things that take up too much time and space during your morning routine. There is no need to get out the curling iron, clips and ties to style your hair. You can simply roll your hair up into a bun and head to work. While your hair is in a bun, it is being curled, so once you let it down, you'll reveal perfect beach waves. 


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