Something New

You can't fix what isn't broken: that's a fact. Sometimes you might not know what needs fixing because you haven't realized that it is heavily flawed. When you become accustomed to something, you get into the habit of ignoring the ways to make it better because of short-term convenience. 

As it turns out, we are quite averse to new things. Once we get into that habit of something it's hard to change. That's the stubbornness of human nature. Fortunately, with a little creativity, anyone can see alternatives to simple procedures.

That is exactly how Holdilocks came to be. When you look at the odd shape, it might not strike you as a hair tool. It looks nothing like its competition (if you call what's on the market competition). When you go online looking for hair tools or go into the mall, you will see a sea of mass-produced carbon copies. Holdilocks stands out, not only because of its looks but because of its function.

While it is quite small, this little device packs a punch with its versatility. It can:

  • secure your hair in a bun
  • curl your hair while in a bun
  • style with no heat
  • hold your hair without tugging at your scalp
  • store small items (like keys) in your hair

It is safe to say that Holdilocks is something new, something that hasn't been on the market until now. The current way you style your hair isn't wrong, but it can be greatly improved. You can easily shorten your morning routine and step outside with stylish hair and feel confident that it won't be bothered by the day's activities.

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