Standing Out

Standing out from a crowd is harder than it seems. When you look around, you will see some similarities and obvious influences. That's all perfectly fine as it is human nature to borrow and assimilate ideas from the surrounding people. However, what really makes a difference is how creatively you can interpret something that you consume.

All great ideas start somewhere. If you solve a problem, then you are probably affected by the problem. Having a personal investment in that manner is a source of motivation that shouldn't be taken for granted. 

When you are motivated to solve a problem, you are able to devote your energies to it without sacrificing your integrity. Having a tenacious attitude will carry you far, but you also need a keen eye. Inspiration can come from anything so keeping an open mind will open you up to different opportunities.

Standing out requires complete focus. You can't let trivial things get in your way. Holdilocks was created to solve a simple problem: wanting my hair out of my way. Now, Holdilocks is a real time-saver, and it is truly different from other hair tools. A simple hair-tie can crease your hair or be pulled too tight, a hair clip can be uncomfortable and break easily, but Holilocks is stretchy, resistant and secure.

Holdilocks didn't just solve a problem, but it did so in an unusual way. It is not difficult to use, but it has a rather unusual shape. It doesn't look like a typical hair tool, nor does it function like one. Perhaps that is why it works more effectively than traditional alternatives.

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