Time To Spare?

When you are hyper-focused on your business or your career, it is easy to get wrapped up in a never-ending to-do list. How can you keep up with the demands of your work? Well, it all comes down to managing your time properly. There are many simple things you can do to make the most of your precious time. 


Know how you are spending your time.

Before you even make cuts on your activities, look are how you are spending your time. You can do this with a note-taking app or a good old-fashioned pen and paper. You'd be surprised at how much time we waste on trivial things as opposed to what we initially set out to do. 


Spend more time with yourself.

Confused? Well, put it this way: if you burn out, you'll spend more time in recovery. If you take the time you need with regular short breaks, you won't have to worry about crashing and then needing an extended recovery time to get back in the groove. 



Stop multi-tasking.

Not everyone is great at multi-tasking, even though we like to tell ourselves that. Having your mind working overtime will cost you your productivity. You might find that you take longer to complete a task. Sometimes, you'll find mistakes that take even longer to correct. Streamline your activities and you'll be much happier. 


Remove all distractions. 

Do you ever feel like a cat chasing a laser? Turn off your phone every once in a while and find some peace. The world is noisy and can distract us with messages and notifications that aren't urgent. This doesn't mean that you should remain disconnected because that's not practical for anyone, but unplugging every once in a while will help you focus on the important things.


Use Holdilocks.

If you have to get up and go to work, then you know the pains of a morning routine. More often than not, you're rushing to get coffee, trying to have some breakfast, and trying to beat the morning traffic. Who has the time to look perfect? Holdilocks will help you to style and secure your hair for the entire day. It takes about a minute and you can go about your day unbothered. 

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