What Is Strength?

Everyone has a different perception of the meaning of strength. However, when you hear the word strength you automatically associate it with something that is unbreakable. A foundation that supports a fortress, a fort that holds strong regardless of what storms pass by or even wars. Strength is having faith and believing in something that’s unbreakable.

For Holdilocks, it’s about being a tool that lasts a lifetime. Now some may say why do I need a hair tool to last a lifetime? I say why not have a hair tie that lasts longer than most? You would save time and money by not having to replace one every month. Now, that’s convenience. The fact that it is designed to be bent to hold your hair and then straighten out and remain sturdy without a kink makes it a valuable tool.

Holdilocks is made from 100% guaranteed TPU90 or thermoplastic polyurethane. This material is a highly versatile elastomer which lends the benefits of flexibility, durability and smoothness to the finished product. The tool is easy to hold and maneuver, you can style your hair again and again without any sign of wear and tear onto your Holdilocks. Its durability ensures this and the smoothness allows your hair to flow tangle-free.

Thermoplastic polyurethane maintains properties such as elasticity, resistance to oil, grease and abrasion. They are also composed of hard and soft elements which makes it uniquely designed to serve the purpose of holding and styling your hair. So if you have fierce hair that requires a strong hold, Holdilocks is for you. The ultimate, strong hair tool that isn’t harsh on your hair.

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