What It Takes to Launch

Nothing happens in a vacuum. Launching a product takes a lot of time, effort and sleepless nights. Products are not developed overnight, but it might look that way to some. Everything takes time to mature especially a business.

Quick fixes don't provide longlasting solutions. Creating a  product like Holdilocks was important because it isn't a product that would temporarily solve a problem; it will always continue to work. Launching it couldn't be shortcut with "hacks" because the product had to be made perfectly. 

Many prototypes were made and tested to ensure that the final results would actually give results. Is there anything worse than launching an effective product that is driven by undeserved hype surrounding it? 

To put things simply, it requires a lot of patience, determination and persistence. You can't start something, put in a little effort and then hope for the best. Too many projects start out that way and fail because of that. If you really want to survive, you have to be willing to do all it takes.

If you are creating a product, it is important for the final results to be something that you can fully stand behind. If you are not confident in the results, then your customers will not have confidence in you. This doesn't mean that you have to be delusionally self-assured, but you should do your best to put make your product as flawless as possible. 

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