What's Inside?

Do you get excited when you get a gift or a box to open? Does the idea of revealing a shiny new toy make you happy? Well, most people love exploring new products. That's why shopping online is mildly addictive for some. You do all the research online and patiently wait for your delivery. 

It's important for anyone to know exactly what you're getting when you buy something, especially if you can't see it in person. That's why You'll find everything you need to know about Holdilocks (and all future products) right here. 

Holdilocks a new hair styling tool made for just about anyone. It's not fair to call it a clip or a tie. It's truly unique and there is nothing else like it. Have you tried everything to try and tame your hair? Simple hair accessories simply don't cut it in the long run. It's hard to manage your hair, be on the go  and somehow keep it stylish.

The intuitive design makes sure that doesn't take any stress from the accessory  Holdilocks does all the work for you. This is meant as a tangle-free, tug-free and hassle-free way to secure your hair. It works on all hair types, especially long thick hair.

In each package, you will find one large Holdilocks, one small Holdilocks and two twist ties. You can take your hair from one end and wrap it in the middle of your Holdilocks. After that, bend the two ends together and secure it with a twist tie. Pull your hair around the Holdilocks to create the perfect bun. That's it! You can roll your hair as high or low as you like!

The smaller one is perfect for shorter hair and smaller sections. If you just want to create a small bun with half your hair, then it's perfect. You can style shorter, finer hair with it. However, if you have thicker or longer hair, you'll love the larger of the two.

The best thing about them is that the possibilities are endless! You can use multiple in your hair and still be confident that it won't fall out or give you any hair trouble. 

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