Holdilocks™ Saves time and Hair all in one!



I've always struggled with maintaining my own hair, and now that it's longer then ever before! Now that I have designed Holdilocks™ my hair is neatly styled in a bun within a minute for work each day, and if I want to go out, all I have to do is let it out and I am already styled with beautiful wavy curls, no more flat iron! All I wanted a device that would keep my hair in a bun while I was working. I didn’t want something that took a lot of work to put in.  When the idea hit me and my first prototype worked, I used my 3D printer to create a variety of sizes and shapes to make the product fit as many hair lengths and thicknesses, the best part is it won't tangle or get stuck in your hair. Not to mention it is lightweight easy to keep clean and dry, durable, and wont hurt or tug as you wear it!


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