Why Does Fitness Matter?

When you’re questioned about the most important things in your life, you answer with the most common words; your job, your car, your house, your children, or your pets. But what you don’t factor in is your ability to enjoy these things without good health. You might not always be in your best health.

In order to achieve your bill of good health, you need to keep an active lifestyle. It promotes happiness; you make new connections; it reduces your stress level, and overall you get better health that keeps you away from the doctor’s office.

Every day we are exposed to so many contaminants, pollutants and radiation that’s in our current environment and we don’t take the necessary precautions to neutralize ourselves. Any form of grounding helps send these energies back into the earth where they came from. You can achieve this by running or even walking before bed. That’s why we tend to feel sleepy after walking on the beach.

Joining a new fitness club or exercise group opens up the avenue for creating new friends. Who knows where you will meet your soulmate or best friend? It is a great opportunity though to grow social networks and encourage brain connectivity, not to mention that extra boost of encouragement you get for working out with someone as opposed to exercising by yourself.

When your head’s full and there’s just too much drama for you to be putting up with, your exercise routine might just be your getaway ticket. You can plug in your headphones and do a cycle and by the time you’re finished your heart will be racing. Your blood will be pumping and the endorphins you release would have had you supercharged and feeling so good that you’ll forget what you were stressing about.

Keeping an active lifestyle keeps your brain going and helps you tune into your frequency and your purpose. You meet new and old people every day, what better way to share your Holdilocks discovery with them? It’s a super-tool for the active community and an ingenious invention. 

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