Widen Your Horizons

Invention and creation as a whole is a special thing. For most, it comes from a place of necessity. There is no one way to form ideas because everyone is different and has a unique view of the world. Holdilocks is just the first product to be released. It is just the beginning. 

What you could do is get out there – in the world. Opening yourself up to new opportunities will help to widen your horizons. How can you create something new, if you haven't experienced anything new? Exposure to new things will refresh your mind.

You don't have to be an inventor to want to create something. Opening your mind to trying new things can help you in your career and your personal life. Exploring different opportunities will benefit you in the long haul.

Sticking to generic, cookie-cutter choices make you stand in the crowd. Taking the time to step back will make life all the more interesting and a little bit better. Holdilocks is great example of something different that beats out its competition. How many hair tools do you know of can style and secure your hair at the same time (while also being fashionable)?

Instead of using a generic hair tie/clip to hold your hair and keep it out of your way, Holdilocks can do that and more. It won't break because it's made of a durable and flexible material. It also won't damage your hair and cause friction. While your hair is neatly rolled into a bun, it can curl your hair so you can look stylish while you style!

All of this came from opening up to new experiences, so why not give it a try?

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