Will It Break?

We all need to be durable. Life is a rollercoaster with all the ups and downs, so we all need to adjust to that. Those qualities are difficult to come by in people and even harder to come by in products. Rarely do we have products that help us adjust to the curveballs life throws at us. 

Sometimes you are too busy to take care of your appearance. You'll try to do what you can with the little time that you have, but you might not always like the results. Maintaining your appearance is much more important than you think. It gives you a boost of confidence when you feel presentable. That confidence can give you a push during the most harrowing times. 

Holdilocks isn't a mass-produced consumer product. While it can be used by everyone with hair, it looks nothing like its competition. What is even more interesting about this is the material it was made from. TPU 90 (thermoplastic polyurethane-90) is a pliable filament material commonly used in 3D printing. It's mostly appreciated for its durability and flexibility. 


It's a rubber-like plastic that doesn't tug at your hair or break. It can retain its shape after being twisted and pulled in many directions. A normal hair tie can easily have its elasticity worn out and hair clips are usually made of hard plastics that can break easily. Harder materials like metal can pull hair and cause pain in your scalp, especially when worn after a long period.

This material perfect for your hair because it suspends itself in your hair, putting all tension on the tool and not your hair or scalp. To make things better, you can keep it in your hair and wear it over and over again without fear that is will burst, snap or break. Few hair tools can stand to that. 

Will Holdilocks break? No. 

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