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Getting More Done

Is there ever a day that comes to completion when you’re thinking I wish I had more time. If only wishes were rainbows, right? We may not all be able to successfully get more time, but I think we can definitely structure ourselves to get more accomplished. Recently, I found myself running around like a headless chicken: I don’t like it. That feeling of not getting what you know you deserve or reaching somewhere only to have the door shut in your face. It’s not something I wanted to keep happening, so I did an analysis of myself.A day has 1440 minutes, no more and no less, so why do we feel so caught up? I started tracking my time...

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Morning Madness

  To all my sisters out there, was there ever a time when you got so mad trying to look presentable that you felt like chopping your hair off? Or maybe it’s that big day and you have a presentation to do and your unruly hair decides it wants all of your attention. I know that feeling all too well and I know that some of you out there can agree with me. It’s no fun when you shower and wash your hair, but then you have to also get ready for work or attend a meeting. I have that checklist going in my head: What’s the weather like? Is it windy? Are we going to get rain? Do I...

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